Tax Refunds

Tax Refund


  1. Who is allowed to refund income tax?
  2. Why is it profitable to receive an income tax refund?
  3. Can private entrepreneurs and companies apply for tax refunds?
  4. Why is it better to contact a company that specializes in tax refunds rather than do it yourself?

Citizens of Israel are required to pay tax on their income. It can be salary, profit from stock exchange transactions and stock trading and much more. Over the year, the amount of income tax is very significant, and payment thereof is mandatory. But not everyone knows that the practice of tax refund is active in Israel. Due to this option, in some cases it is possible to return a certain part of the funds paid to the state.

The company “Shmuel Brodetski Rohe Heshbon” provides a full range of services concerning the return of income tax for employees and optimization of the tax rate for private entrepreneurs and companies. We will help you to understand all the nuances of the Israeli legislation and get the maximum compensation laid down by law. All this – with minimal effort and time waste on your part.

Who is allowed to refund income tax?

In most cases, the precedent of income tax overpayment is due to the discrepancy between the monthly tax withdrawn by the employer and the actual annual income of the employee. Such a situation is possible in the following cases:

  1. Change of employment during a calendar year without the coordination of the sum of tax deductions;
  2. Health problems of an employee or close family members;
  3. Temporary unemployment throughout the year;
  4. Demobilized servicemen (within 2 years after the end of their term of service);
  5. Change in marital status or personal life (divorce, payment of alimony for a child, marriage, childbirth, etc.);
  6. Independent payments to the tax authorities;
  7. Living in populated localities of national priority;
  8. New olims (within 3 years after their arrival in Israel);

If you have any of the above items and your employer did not take this into account when calculating taxes, you can safely qualify for a refund. Also, it is not uncommon for simple mistakes in the employer’s calculations in this case that the employee also has the right to compensation from the state for overpaid monetary funds.

Why is it profitable to receive an income tax refund?

First, you can get a refund of overpaid income tax for a period of 6 years, starting from the last annual report. If you have not used this opportunity before, there is a possibility that a considerable amount of money has accumulated during this time. Secondly, in accordance with paragraph 160(b) of the income tax bylaws, the amount of the refund is tied to the current price index and is paid with an additional 4% per annum. In this case, the amount of the difference from the price index and the accrued interest are not taxed. Thus, having returned overpaid taxes for the last 6 years you can also earn extra money!

Can private entrepreneurs and companies apply for tax refunds?

Unlike hired employees, business owners are required to make a monthly advance payment and at the end of each year submit a final report based on the financial performance of the company. In the case of an overpayment, tax refunds occur at the end of the year. But in order to receive it, you must also correctly fill out all accounting documents and perform calculations to optimize the tax rate. For these services it is best to contact Shmuel Brodetski Rohe Heshbon.”

Why is it better to contact a company that specializes in tax refunds rather than do it yourself?

Speed. Before applying to the Office of income tax with a demand for return, it is necessary to collect a whole bunch of documents (reports on annual income, marital status, medical certificates, etc.). If you do it yourself – you may spend a lot of time and money. Specialized company Shmuel Brodetski Rohe Heshbon will do everything in the shortest time with minimal participation from your side.
The result. It is understood that it is possible not only to overpay the income tax for a certain reporting period, but also underpay it. If the calculations are incorrect, it is likely that when you contact the tax authorities it turns out that you still owe them, and escaping the payment of these funds just will not work out. To avoid such a situation it is better to immediately seek help from professionals who will first conduct all the calculations and only after that with full confidence will apply to state institutions.

Why should I apply for a tax refund service to “Shmuel Brodetski Rohe Heshbon”?

  1. We work with both hired workers, private entrepreneurs, and large companies. To the former, we help to return overpaid income tax amounts. To entrepreneurs and companies we provide services aimed at optimizing the tax system and work with annual and other accounting statements to be filed with the tax authorities.
  2. Convenience for the customer. Our services require minimal labor costs from you. We value the time of our customers, so we help them to avoid prolonged collection of different pieces of paperwork and trek through instances to get results.
  3. Confidentiality. All data provided are subject to non-disclosure by the company.
  4. Professionalism. We will not only collect documents for you, for submission to state bodies, but also will help you to choose the ideal solution so that you get the maximum compensation with minimal risks and labor costs.

Turning to “Shmuel Brodetski Rohe Heshbon” for the service of tax refunds you can be sure that you will receive funds overpaid to the state in the shortest time with a minimal effort.


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