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start osek patur


Osek Patur


Osek Patur

Opening a business and representing clients before tax authorities. Read more…
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Эсек Мурше


Osek Morshe


Osek Morshe

Starting business and representing clients before authorities Read more
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Хевра Баам


Сhevra baam


Сhevra baam

Starting a company and representing clients before authorities. Read more…
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Accounting and auditing services in Israel

Opening businesses of any kind

Representing businesses before all tax authorities (Ma’am, Bituach Leumi, Mas Hachnasa). As certified auditors, we’re glad to offer a broad range of services for clients starting businesses of any size. Read more...


Filing monthly and annual statements. Filing capital declarations. We guarantee high standard of service and enable our clients to focus on business management, while we provide support and guidance. Read more...

Opening Osek Patur - Free-of-charge

Preparation of all necessary documents for opening a business exempt from paying VAT (Osek Patur) and registering it with all government agencies. Instructing a young entrepreneur and further accounting. Read more...

Opening Osek Murshe - Free-of-charge

Opening a business and representing the client’s interests in tax authorities (Ma'am, Bituah Leumi, Mas Akhnasa). Assistance in the correct transition from Osek Patur to Osek Murshe when exceeding the annual turnover limit of 99,000 shekels. Read more...

Opening Hevra Baam - Free-of-charge

Having the certificate of a Rohe Heshbon (auditor), we are ready to offer a wide range of services for clients who open a business of any size. Read more...

Business consulting

To every client, we offer an introductory business consultation on the state of their income and expenses, accounts, business development and achievements. We give our maximum and even more to each client. Read more...

Be yourself, and you will have no competition

It’s an old rule, but I stick to it, and it has never let me down. I’m an auditor. But before becoming one, I tried many jobs.

I came to Israel from Russia when I was a teenager. I finished school and did my army service. I worked in many spheres – a boarding school for children from troubled families among them. I guess it helped me to better understand people and life. Still, my true passion is accounting. Many people think numbers are boring – but I’m totally at home with them.

I got bachelor’s degree in economics and audit.  I passed the state exams and became a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). While doing internship in various companies, I got convinced I had chosen the right profession. But apart from my job, I love freedom. So I started my own business. It was hard at the beginning – but now I can help young entrepreneurs to avoid my mistakes. As an auditor, I do more than just look at the numbers in financial statements – I’m always ready to give personal advice to my clients on business management or taxes, or help them in trouble. We will open for you free of charge: Osek Patur, Osek Murshe or Chevra Baam.

Brodetsky Shmuel

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Accounting services

No business can successfully function without competent advanced accounting and tax accounting. According to statistics, most of the companies in Israel prefer not to spend on a full-time specialist and refer accounting to outsource. This is a quite understandable practice, because in such a way you save a lot of money on a salary for a person who will spend most of the year without work on the one hand. And on the other hand, you hire really qualified specialists who will do all necessary calculations several times a year and prepare documents with minimal investments on your part.

The leader of the market of accounting services  on outsourcing  in Israel is “Shmuel Brodetski Rohe Hashbon"
We provide the following services:

  1. Consultations on the choice of legal form of ownership and full registration of a new company in government institutions.
  2. Building an integrated and effective accounting system.
  3. Registration and submission of current and annual reports to the tax authorities.
  4. Selection of taxation system for a new business or optimization of already existing one.
  5. Calculation of payment to employees.
  6. Return of income tax, etc.

Why do hundreds of clients in Israel choose accountant services of “Shmuel Brodetski Rohe Hashbon"?

  1. Transparency. We explain and advise clients on all services and issues of their interest .So you will always know about the state of your financial affairs and tax deductions. Unlike, doubtful businessmen, we do not fog our work and try to make it as transparent for the client as possible .
  2. Professionalism. “Rohe Hashbon” is a top step you can reach as a financial specialist. Thanks to the acquired knowledge, we are able to provide our customers with the highest quality of accounting services and not just fill out the papers and make reports, but also according to them draw objective conclusions that will help your business develop.
  3. All services in one place. It is no longer necessary to hurry to the accountant for registration of the documents, then to certify them at auditing service, personally submit them to the tax authorities. You can do all of these arrangements with “Rohe Hashbon”. Be it a small enterprise or a huge hevra baam. We will completely do the entire accounting cycle for you from the preparation of reports  to submitting documents to government institutions. You will only have to work on your business.
  4. Keeping step with innovations. We use all latest developments in the field of accounting and customer service. We do everything  to maximize the work and simplify the accounting for the business not affecting  the quality.

Do you need an accountant in Israel? Are you still suffering from paperwork burden and spend lots of time on the calculation of expenses-income and visits to Tax Administration? It's time to pass this task to professionals from “Shmuel Brodetski Rohe Hashbon” and focus on business development!

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