Auditing services

Auditing services


  1. Package of audit services.
  2. What is an auditor (Rohe Heshbon)?
  3. Why do companies need the services of an auditor.
  4. Why it is worthwhile to apply for audit services to us.

The auditor is the litmus paper of any business. This specialist will help to assess the financial and economic situation in the company from the outside and give recommendations on improving its activities.

The audit company “Shmuel Brodetsky Rohe Heshbon” provides a full range of audit services for companies and entrepreneurs of any type. We will not only review and certify your financial statements for government agencies, but we will also provide comprehensive advice for the successful optimization of financial activities, assess the existing risks and give detailed recommendations for their avoidance.

We provide the following services:

  • Independent audit.
  • Internal audit.
  • Assessment of financial, economic and tax risks.
  • Investigative audit.
  • Tax audit and evaluation of the efficiency of the taxation system in use.

What is an auditor (Rohe Heshbon)?

In the hierarchy of financial jobs in Israel, the rohe heshbon occupies the top notch. In order to obtain the right to engage in audit activities, a specialist must complete a long-term study at the university, pass the most difficult state examinations and undergo a two-year internship as a wage worker in his field. Only after this long journey does he get the right to work as a rohe heshbon. An analogy with medicine is very evident here, where there are nurses or medics who deal with the daily needs of patients that do not require much knowledge, and doctors whose qualifications are much broader and who can assess the overall picture of a person’s health and give recommendations for successful treatment.

Naturally, such rigorous selection and training also allow the rohe heshbon to be most deeply knowledgeable in all the subtleties of Israeli tax and financial legislation and the nuances of doing business, and provide its customers with the most comprehensive services that increase the efficiency of their enterprises.

Why do Israeli companies need the services of an auditor?

According to the Companies Act, each hevra ba’am is required annually to prepare the final financial statements and submit them to an independent auditor for verification. Also, only the Rohe Heshbon has the right to certify annual tax reports for Hevra Be’am.

Similar rules of compulsory tax and financial audit solely by auditors also apply to amutot (public organizations).

For small enterprises (osec patur, osek murshe), an annual financial audit by the rohe heshbon is not mandatory. But at the same time, it helps to analyze the efficiency of spendings, optimize the taxation system and ultimately increase the profit of your business.

In addition to the financial audit itself, the rohe heshbon can also conduct other procedures. So, we can analyze the organizational and economic structure of enterprises of any type and give recommendations on how to improve it.

In the situations with possible thefts or scams within the company, a thorough investigative audit is essential.

Our audit company will also help to competently assess all existing financial and other risks (both for internal use by the management of the enterprise and for external investors). With the help of this knowledge, you will be able to competently and, most importantly, timely modernize your business taking into account the current market needs.

For investors, an external audit service and an in-depth assessment of the situation in the company before buying a stock or investing funds are ideally suited.

Why it is necessary to apply for audit services to “Shmuel Brodetsky Rohe Heshbon”

  1. You do not pay twice. You must admit that it is much more convenient to buy all the products for your family in one supermarket of high class than to travel to different corners of the city in search of the right product and to run the risk that one of them may be stale? With your business, the situation is similar. You may keep accounting records with a menahel heshbonot, check the reporting with the yoets MAAS and come for the certification of the annual report to the auditor, while spending a lot of time and money on each item. Or turn directly to Rohe Heshbon and get the full range of audit and accounting services in one place – as if you were in a large financial supermarket.
  2. The ability to work with different types of businesses. The company “Shmuel Brodetsky Rohe Heshbon” has experience in both the audit of small businesses and cooperation with huge hevra ba’am. No matter how small or large your business is, you will always be our priority customer.
  3. Strict observance of confidentiality and the principles of non-disclosure of information provided by the client for conducting the audit.
  4. A simple and clear business arrangement. From the first phone call to the final report on the results of the audit — all actions for the client are as simple and straightforward as possible and do not require spending a huge amount of time.
  5. Excellent value-for-money factor. We do not underestimate the value of our services artificially at the expense of their effectiveness. At the same time, our company tries to keep its prices affordable even for the smallest business.

Turning to “Shmuel Brodetsky Rohe Heshbon” you get a full range of audit and accounting services and thus help your company develop. Do not wait for another crisis situation or the annual report, order the services of the auditor right now and make your business more successful!

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