Bookkeeping services

Bookkeeping services


  1. Bookkeeping services in Israel.
  2. Services in maintenance of accounting records.
  3. Who has the right to engage in accounting services in Israel.
  4. Four reasons to book the service of bookkeeping support with us.

Bookkeeping services in Israel.

Financial reporting is one of the most important and difficult tasks for any business owner. Errors in accounting records keeping can lead to very serious negative consequences. The Israeli tax authorities closely monitor the financial reporting of entrepreneurs and in the event of any violations or manipulations take penal measures that can seriously damage your business.

To avoid such negative consequences, it is important to know the main peculiarities of accounting services in Israel and be able to choose the right professional.

The company “Shmuel Brodetsky Rohe Heshbon” deals with accounting services to companies of any type. Many years of experience and a perfect knowledge of the legal framework and nuances of doing business in Israel allow us to effectively represent clients in government institutions and manage their financial statements. By turning to “Shmuel Brodetsky Rohe Heshbon” you will always be sure that you will receive the highest quality service.

We provide a full range of accounting services in Israel:

  • Consultation on the choice of ownership form (Osek Patur, Osek Murshe or Hevra Ba’am)
  • Company registration with the government bodies
  • Lineup of an accounting system
  • Regular submission of reports
  • Payroll preparation
  • Tax Refunds
  • Optimization of taxation

Who has the right to engage in accounting services in Israel?

  1. The entrepreneur himself. Naturally, if you have a small business, you can keep all the financial documentation yourself. But at the same time you are significantly at risk. All responsibility for any errors (including the financial responsibilities) fall entirely on you. And without a sufficient assortment of knowledge, these errors will certainly be there.
  2. Menahel heshbonot (or simply an accountant). Such an expert will prepare for you all the financial statements (according to the documentation already provided) and transfer payments to the relevant institutions. At the same time, it is worthwhile to know that the menahel heshbonot does not have the right to represent the entrepreneur in the tax authorities. Therefore, his work actually ends on sending the taxes off and if there are any problems you’ll have to sort things out yourself.
  3. Yoets Maas (or a tax advisor). This type of specialist deals exclusively with the management and optimization of your tax deductions under Israeli law. At the same time, the yoets maas do not have the right to work with the hevra ba’am.
  4. Rohe heshbon (an auditor). This is the highest level of financial monitoring. Unlike tax advisers, such specialists can work with the hevra ba’am. They have the right of signature for documentation submitted to the state bodies, as well as the right to conduct financial audits of company balance sheets. Furthermore, all other functions of an accountant are also performed by the rohe heshbon. In addition, he can analyze the financial situation of the company on the basis of accounting reports and suggest ways to optimize its activities.

4 reasons to order accounting services in the company “Shmuel Brodetsky Rohe Heshbon”:

  1. An integrated approach. Our main task is the constant development of your business, including development through the optimization of financial flows. We will not only compile your accounting reports and send them to supervisory institutions, but based on these documents we will help you to analyze the current state of the company and find ways to reduce costs and obtain additional profits (through tax refunds or tax minimization, management of expenditures, etc.)
  2. Low prices for accounting services. Every mistake in reporting or paying taxes that you or unqualified specialists have made will have significant financial consequences for the business in the form of fines and other sanctions. Therefore, referring to “Shmuel Brodetsky Rohe Heshbon” you are essentially making an investment in the stable future of your company. Taking into account possible financial consequences and the huge amount of work that needs to be done for a full accounting job, the cost of our services is a meager investment that will immediately repay itself.
  3. Full support for any type of business. As rohe heshbon, we have the right to represent clients in the tax authorities in the usual manner and even in the case of criminal proceedings against the business. We will become your reliable guide in the intricate world of government bodies in any situation and at every stage of financial reporting.
  4. All services in one place. The Rohe heshbon combines the functions of an accountant and an auditor and has the right to sign documents, unlike a regular accountant. Therefore, when preparing financial statements, you will not need to run every time to the auditor for a signature, and spend your time and money on it. Instead, you will receive all the necessary services in one place at a “wholesale” price, actually.

Simply order the bookkeeping support services in the company “Shmuel Brodetsky Rohe Heshbon” and you will permanently get rid of the headaches associated with financial reporting, and you will be sure that not one shekel in your business is wasted.


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