Consulting services

Consulting services


  1. Consulting services.
  2. When does a company need consulting services?
  3. Types of consulting.
  4. Why is it worth to order consulting services from us.

Consulting services

Consulting services are the process of providing qualified assistance to business in legal, financial, tax, management and other vital matters by outside specialists. There is an erroneous opinion that companies use professional advisors only in critical situations, but this is completely wrong. With the help of consulting services, it is possible to significantly increase the profits of an already existing business, to resolve real or to prevent hypothetical problems of its functioning in all vital areas.

The company “Shmuel Brodetsky Rohe Heshbon” provides consulting services for enterprises of any type (osek murshe, osek patur, hevra ba’am). We will plunge deeply into your business and analyze every detail to draw up the most detailed and understandable plan of action for its development and elimination of existing shortcomings.

When does a company need consulting services?

For successful enterprises, which are planning to completely change the system of its functioning. This process can be caused by a global expansion, reorientation to a more profitable line of business, a change in the form of ownership, etc.
Creating a positive image of the company (before selling, for external partners, etc.). In this case, a professional consulting firm conducts a full audit of the company’s activities, and its results are made public.

In crisis situations. If the business cannot respond adequately and promptly to changes in the market (due to inexperienced staff, lack of necessary resources, or the banal reluctance of management to change the established order of things) and this may lead to a collapse of the entire enterprise, the services of a professional consultant are simply vital.
To resolve contentious issues. Sometimes it happens that the business leaders cannot agree on the key issues of its further development. In this case, a fresh and, most importantly, professional opinion from the consulting company can solve this problem and find the best way for the company development.

Types of consulting provided by the company “Shmuel Brodetsky Rohe Heshbon”:

1) Financial advising. The main task of this service is to help in optimizing the management of the company’s capital. We will help with finding and analyzing the quality of sources of business financing, improving the structure of costs and revenues. We also optimize for you the existing system of accounting and current reporting within the company, we will help to make a competent financial plan for the progressive increase of profitability of the enterprise.

2) Tax consulting. This service consists of 3 main components:

  • Tax audit. We will analyze the current tax returns and the quality of previously prepared current and annual reports for possible errors. This will help to protect the company from unpleasant surprises in the form of fines or claims from the state authorities.
  • Tax Optimization. Development of the most effective taxpaying system within the current legislation. Optimization of the contractual base and accounting policy in the company.
  • Tax planning. Development of effective mechanisms for the regulation and uniformity of payment of tax liabilities (calculation of optimal advance payments, development of a plan for the refund of taxes, etc.) taking into account the current and anticipated financial condition of the enterprise.

3) Business consulting. This set of measures includes:

  • Developing a business strategy and creating a business plan that is competent and attractive to potential investors.
  • Strategic diagnostics of the market, assistance in the selection of the optimal form of legal property and its registration.
  • Comprehensive assessment of the company activities, analysis of vulnerabilities in the financial, managerial and other sectors and assistance in preventing potential crises.
  • Development of a further strategy for the development and optimization of all business processes.
  • Creation of anti-crisis plans and resolution of conflicts within the firm.

Why you should order consulting services in “Shmuel Brodetsky Rohe Heshbon”

  1. Only Practical. We are not just another theorizing business-consultant who will give you a bunch of standard words of advice that is completely inapplicable in real life. Instead, we will plunge deeply into the activities of your company, analyze all its weak and strong sides, and only on the basis of the data obtained will we provide a concrete practical step-by-step action plan for accomplishing the tasks set.
  2. Independence. We will evaluate the operation of your company with a “third-party view” and take the most profitable solutions, precisely for successful business development. None of the management can apply pressure on us from outside and lobby for profitable changes to their benefit.
  3. Saving How many hours of negotiations and disputes will your management need to come to a balanced decision on any issue? And how much do you pay for this? Just do some calculations — in the end it will be quite a lot. Owing to his experience, a consulting specialist can cope with these tasks much faster and, most importantly, more efficiently, and will not “eat away” your budget.
  4. The auditor’s capabilities. We are a rohe heshbon, therefore we can not just represent hevra ba’am (unlike other financial specialists), but also have the right, and most importantly, the knowledge for a full audit of the enterprise and on the basis of the data obtained we can take consulting decisions. Such opportunities and qualifications are not possessed by any ordinary manager or business consultant.

Simply order consulting services in the company “Shmuel Brodetsky Rohe Heshbon” and you will be surprised when all your competitors begin to lose profits and close down — your business will prosper.

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